Saturday, December 26, 2009

Surfing the internetz/update

Hey guys i was looking up some space marine color schemes and Eldar craftworlds and i came across an Angry marine command squad. When i saw this photo i couldnt help but laugh and kind of want to make an angry marine army. when you see the photo you might just want to do the same.

Also im starting up an eldar army (going ulthwe because i wanna use eldrad) ill get the 1500 point list posted as soon as i write it up which i cant wait to see the full list in action. Updates: the first campaign we did is over. The post before this one has the final listings. Next saturday is just going to be free play and im thinking of doing a collective overview of the campaign and how we need to do changes to it as well as have more people intrested in it. So that is all i have at the moment

...Look at the angry marines...laugh...make an angry marine know you want to...

Anyways happy gaming - Ian


  1. I like 'em... though I don't get the glowing hands one.

    Where'd you find these guys?

  2. it was on google images and space marine schemes. if you just want it right up google image angry marines command squad