Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girls done, lookie what i have, a little bit of a look at battle missions

Hey its Ian, I finished my banshees! all of them have the blue glowing power weapons (if you cant make them out. if you cant i dont blame you. i need a new camera) So this squad is done, i have some fire dragons im working on, some dire avengers (their bodies are assembled without their arms and guns), a wave serpent and a few other pieces that are coming in a few weeks. The next thing i wanted to talk about is the upcoming battle missions book.

So the new battle missions book, when i looked at it i thought the missions would be the generic defend, attack, raids, etc. But what Ive seen is each mission is race specific. Thats about all i can say without ruining it for you, the rest i will have to let you find out what it will be.

And in other news.....look what i got:
An old school Armorcast Tempest grav tank. I am looking forward to painting this up and showing you the progress of this eldar beast.

Also, by friday being the latest i will post another planet preview, and some possible new things that are going on with us.

I hope you got your fill from us, and i will see you on friday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Painting my girls, another planet preview!!!

Hey guys its Ian and i finally got some paints so im so happy yay :D but anyways for the photo who do you think would win that predicament? Banshees? Or Dante? I personally think its soo my sissy marine. So i will try to get as much stuff painted when i can and ill end up working on some other things. I just need to get some black primer eventually...Also i think both Sean and I should be at the store on Friday and Saturday, so stop by if you can any of those days and we can play!

Also i thought today you, the reader would like another preview of another planet for our next campaign, eventually we will go through all the planets and i would absolutely LOVE some feedback from you guys! Anyways, here's the planet!

Dis, a planet whose atmosphere blocks the blue sky, Rain that pours off and on all the time, The clouds themselves denys the earth sunlight and shrouds the planet in an everlasting darkness. Night fight rules occurs throughout the game, During turns 3-end everything counts as difficult terrain (heavy rain occurs) Defenders: gain the acute senses, and benefit from the stealth u.s.r's. Attackers: your firestorm now counts as AP 1, all units gain a 3 d6 difficult terrain test (takes 2 highest rolls and can move that many inches). I would like to rename the planets though, so if you have an idea for a planet name for either this or last weeks planet, post it in the comments below!

That is all i have for this week, please comment (i love comments) cause feedback is awesome, Im Ian McCarson and i hope you got your fill of 40k madness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New scheduele, planet prevew, new models!!!!!

Hey guys its Ian! This week we are beginning to play Friday instead of Sat for two reasons, 1: we can get more people playing on Friday and in the neer future some people will not be able to make it to Saturdays. 2: expanding to more than the normal 4 players we have, to 6 or 7. So that will be an improvement. i would like to start around the same time.

In other news GW is releasing new models, such as a squad of 3 killa kans, the new deff dread, a plastic venerable dreadnaught, and a new expansion called Battle missions. The killa kans look awesome in my opinion, the deff dread...mmmm not too hot. The new plastic venerable dreadnaught looks good, better than the old venerable dread. The new expansion, battle missions, includes 30 missions that will allow you to play amazing missions.

Lastly since Sean and I have been coming up with planets for the new campaign we decided that we will share the planets and how their environments will effect the game play.
So with that, i am introducing our magma planet, lavage.

This volatile planet is a haven for the defenders: For the planets' intense heat has hardened their skin and they have acclimated to its heat. They gain the feel no pain rule. As the heat has made the defenders skin harden, the attackers blood boils, their anger overtakes them, they thirst for blood.

All attacker infantry gain the furious charge special ability. If a squad already has furious charge, they gain +1 to their attack instead on the charge. Unfortunately all armor values are lowered by 1, but nothing can go below 10.

On Turn 3 pillars of fire begin to engulf the field. Someone outside of your game will determine where the pillar will show up. So in order to do that the person will place a large blast marker on some point, takes 3 d6 and the scatter die, and determines where the template will end up. If it happens to go off the table the scatter die must be rerolled. If a hit is landed it still deviates 2 d6 in the direction shown on the die. here is the profile on the template : str 6 ap 4. And all vehicles that are hit by it are glanced on a 4, penetrated on a 5-6.

Anyways ill be coming back hopefully on Monday next week to bring some more news and a new planet for you to look at! And with that, Im Ian McCarson and i hope you got your fill on 40k and leave your comments below thank you for following!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Game meetingz??? Its heracy!!!!

Hey there um today i thought i would bring up that on sat i am calling a meeting, like above, to come up with ideas to bring in more people to play as well as write up the ideas for the new campaign. Sean and I came up with the idea of having multiple planets which players can reside in and the environment of each planet effects the playing field. other than that, this is just a short post to basically say what we are doing this Saturday, so if you are by the store and want to put some input into the meeting, it would be much appreciated.