Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Painting my girls, another planet preview!!!

Hey guys its Ian and i finally got some paints so im so happy yay :D but anyways for the photo who do you think would win that predicament? Banshees? Or Dante? I personally think its soo my sissy marine. So i will try to get as much stuff painted when i can and ill end up working on some other things. I just need to get some black primer eventually...Also i think both Sean and I should be at the store on Friday and Saturday, so stop by if you can any of those days and we can play!

Also i thought today you, the reader would like another preview of another planet for our next campaign, eventually we will go through all the planets and i would absolutely LOVE some feedback from you guys! Anyways, here's the planet!

Dis, a planet whose atmosphere blocks the blue sky, Rain that pours off and on all the time, The clouds themselves denys the earth sunlight and shrouds the planet in an everlasting darkness. Night fight rules occurs throughout the game, During turns 3-end everything counts as difficult terrain (heavy rain occurs) Defenders: gain the acute senses, and benefit from the stealth u.s.r's. Attackers: your firestorm now counts as AP 1, all units gain a 3 d6 difficult terrain test (takes 2 highest rolls and can move that many inches). I would like to rename the planets though, so if you have an idea for a planet name for either this or last weeks planet, post it in the comments below!

That is all i have for this week, please comment (i love comments) cause feedback is awesome, Im Ian McCarson and i hope you got your fill of 40k madness.

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