Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Workshop @ Legends

Sunday May 18th I will be hosting a hobby workshop at Legends comics & Games in Cupertino CA, focused on doing light box photography for beginners. The workshop will be 45 minutes to an hour and is free to attend, though space may be limited depending on how many people we get to RSVP , so I highly recommend sending us an email at bayhammer@gmail.com to check in advance what the turnout is going to look like as we get closer to the 18th.

These are the areas I will be going over:

-What & why
-Setting up your camera.
-Shooting and backgrounds.
-Editing your photos.
-Commercial vs. DIY.

As an added bonus everyone who attends will get a chance to win their own fold up light box courtesy of Bay Hammer!

There are no required materials for this workshop, but it is recommended that you bring a note pad or tablet to take down notes for your own benefit, I also recommend brining the camera you plan on using and the  manual, or a print out of the manual for it if you have one and want to learn about the functions of your specific device. After the workshop I will be available to answer questions, provide advice or help attendees with setting up your camera.

So if your free that weekend and live in the south bay/San Jose area feel free to shoot me an email or join the Legends Warhammer group on Facebook for updates or  to RSVP under the events section.

I would love to do more of these types of events, so depending on how much interest we get in the event I may plan more down the line, and open up suggestions for future workshops and events.

See you there!

-BH Senior Lightmancer

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