Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hobby Progress: basilisk

Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in, or rather D asked me to do a bit more work on his guard, so the sentinels are on the back burner for now. Last night I managed to do up a quick basilisk, again this was a second hand piece (didn't bother stopping it this time) from another players guard army (which I also painted) and I didn't bother to soak it since I figured to top layer was light enough to just prime over. The decision to experiment with the cracked earth basing paint did not pan out and I had to re prime/paint the bottom half of the side panels, a good lesson learned there, the GW technicals really helped me out this time around though I think that I am finding my balance with applying just the right amount of weathering to the metal bits, even if my free hand camo still needs a bit of work.

Quick side note:
You can also see the brand new 'Bay Hammer' logo, after several iterations and a few nights spent in Photoshop I have created a design I am finally happy with, t-shirts and bumper stickers to follow shortly.


BH Senior Polo Sergeant

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