Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The soak

Yesterday delivered un to me yet another evening of flash monsoons that obliterated any chance of re spraying more of the knightmere force. So with some lack of enthusiasm I returned to the scrub bucket to finish stripping some of the few remaining sentinels that needed a good cleaning, and as you can see above, enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate to help balance out the acrid sweet gut punching sent of industrial solvents.

After giving the walker family a good scrubbing (to the tune of the overlords in the background) I felt to sapped to getting any serious painting done, so en-lue of awesome mini shots, please enjoy the above high res shot of the deep dark green pit of cleansing I spent two hours hovering over last night.


BH Senior Grandfather

If your in the bay area and want to learn about light box photography I will be hosting a weekend workshop in May. Check out the full details here.

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