Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spent a few hours working on getting the first batch of sentinels done up in the new "jungle funge" style. After a bit of touching in Photoshop its a little harder to tell, but the greens are a little more muted then they appear, and it really helps make the highlights stand out a bit more prominently under normal lighting conditions, which I am still 50/50 on weather I really like that effect, but again those GW technical's really pull their weight when it comes to detailing.

I apologize in advance for the rough quality, it was around midnight when I finally got these guys in the light box. Tonight I m going to work on some melta guardsmen, but I wanted to get the flamer sentinel done up before my mortalis game with D this Sunday over at Legends and I had the multi laser sitting all done up and ready from the previous night, so I managed to bust out the duce.



BH Senior Fluff bunny shearer


  1. Cheers, I was thinking a jungle world with a humid climate with lots of exposed coasts, so untreated metal would corrode rapidly, but the painted parts would stay fairly stock.