Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Podcast up

I am famous!, well internet famous, well not really, as I have only been on one episode of the show so far. That doesn't matter though, bring on the teacup Pomeranians and stretch limos!

Getting back to reality, last Sunday I got the chance to sit down with Chuck, Ian and Tyler over at 'The Stuff of Legends' podcast, I'll include I link at the bottom of this post to the iTunes page (if you like the show let them know it with ratings/feedback) Chuck and Ian have put together a great show over such a short period, and while its still fairly new and most of the episodes run at just about an hour I can defiantly see the program growing in the not to distant future, especially with the way the war gaming group over at Legends keeps expanding these days. After the demise of the short lived Bay Hammer radio it really feels great to see someone else with a real passion for the hobby pick up the torch and keep the dream alive.

You can check out the show on iTunes, if you don't feel like going through iTunes there is also a direct download link as well.


direct download

In this episode we discussed the escalation league at legends, Zone Mortalis, and geek out over some of the new IG (Astra Militerrarium) kits I also talk about miniature photography, and the upcoming weekend workshop on light boxing your minis (full details here) and Ian and I get to reminisce about good times.

Enjoy the show!

BH Senior Radio Wizard

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