Friday, April 11, 2014

Astra Militarum Launch thoughts

Codex Astra Militarum (IG) will soon be upon us, I have directed all my focus into not reading the advance review posts of those who are blessed enough to live in a more advanced time zone. Over the last week or so there have been plenty of leaks though, this far in to a release, rumors and hearsay start to turn into facts, and we have had more than one WD/codex leak, so there wont be a ton of surprises in the stats department, but being the borderline fluffy bunny that I am, its the changes in the background/canon that interest me the most with every update. With some new units (read previous forgeworld units) and a big refresh on plastics (ogryns, commissar and storm troopers) I am quite curious to see if the clock is moving forward or back, like how they did with the CSM books. Lately it would seem that GW's over all plan is to erase 1996-2007 and put everyone back at exactly 10,000 years and 28 days after the heresy, also despite the Damocles campaign still happening, the whole 'let's purge the xenos menace' thing never happened with the space fish, and everyone is best bro's now.

Bellyaching aside, I am always excited when its codex release time, and all though GW has been going with a quantitate approach to their release schedule, I have yet to see a codex/army re-release that was not of decent quality, the scions were slow to warm my heart, but after actually getting to see them in the plastic I have actually grown to like the kit a bit more (there is a quad of them now sitting prominently on my hobby stack) I am swinging by Legends tonight to pick up my copy of the new sets and maybe some other bits of kit I feel necessary to my existence, and this Sunday the guys over at The Stuff of Legends podcast will be going over both the Tempestus and Militarum books on the show (check them out here)

Oh, one more quick teaser from one of my more ambitious upcoming projects.

I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised when I unveil the finished product :P

BH Senior Goat Matryon

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