Saturday, April 12, 2014

The coming storm.

Good afternoon party people. as you are no doubt aware (would be really hard not to notice) a new Imperial guard codex has been released. Since about 6pm Friday night this has bee my life.

1st rule of 40k club, buy a really big desk.

Thank god for OneNote is all I have to say on that. For the last 24 hours I have been drinking deep from the content hose, and yet again GW has managed to cram as much information as possible into roughly eight pages of solid rules, there's been a lot of minor tweaking with the guard in this release and while there are a few 'new' units, I haven't really found any really serious standouts (I am sure there are internet people willing to tell me otherwise on standby)

So far though this book is shaping up to be really solid, they did a few things to make it a little easier to keep all the rules with in reach and the over all layout shows a lot of the polish that GW has been adding with each 6th ed codex release. Rules wise I think the guard got a lot of buffs to some of the less often used units, but its still to early for me to say anything one way or the other about the book just now. If you want to really know what I think about the new codex you can download the upcoming episode of "The Stuff of Legends" podcast which should be out next week. This will be my second appearance on the show and I am really looking forward to sitting down with Chuck and Ian again to really dig in to both Codex Militarum Tempestus and Astra Militarum.

If your in the San Jose/Cupertino area feel free to come by the shop, my co-conspirators and I will be there all day hobbying and playing games (first weekend of 1k with flyers in the escalation league whoo!) so stop on by :)


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