Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Tyranids OH MY!

Hello there, Ian back from I don't remember when I made a post last, I haven't really been making any posts lately because I've been busy with school, working on my Tyranids, Ill be getting a photo of that mainly the Tervigons, and some awesome bikers, they are slowly coming along, ill get a photo of that as well up at some point. But my next biggest project is making a Tyrannofex, that's going to be fun.

In spirit of Halloween, I am holding a mini campaign on both Friday and Saturday, competitors, are allowed one HQ unit up to 200 points, and no retinues are allowed. The opposing force and game parameters will be revealed that day. There will be multiple games and some prize support, sign ups will be mandatory before each game and 3 players per round, all rules will be explained at the store. There is also boards for free play while waiting or if you would like to just get in some pick up games. Other than that Happy wargaming and see you tomorrow if you make it!

Just a quick reminder that this event will be held at Legends Comics and Games in Cupertino. There is no entry fee and all GW products are 10% off, and you can still get 15% off all new Dark Eldar sets by advance ordering until November 1st

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project: Relictors

Its been awhile since I got one of my project posts up. I started out with the idea of doing up a whole battle company, unfortunately work, painting commissions and life kept me from getting anything substantial done with these. Ian helped me out by doing the basing so all in all they came out looking ok, I spent about a month getting the force built up and painted, I will probably use them as a secondary tournament list after I add another squad and a few more vehicles. Whats not pictured is the squad of sniper scouts and an assault squad I have yet to base.

I like how the terminators turned out, this was the first time I used a new technique for energy weapons, they are actualy a little less vivid in real life, I had edit a tad the color saturation (its hard to make a bounce flash out of a box covered in tinfoil and a single slave flash.


BH Senior Editor.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

A few days ago Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames had his Soul reaper chaos army stolen from his van while out to lunch. While there can be little done in this situation we as a community do have a massive tool at our disposal, collective awareness, those who follow Jims blog and no doubt most of the 40k/fantasy blog community is now aware that this army is out there. What can you do, well first off check Ebay regularly, also make sure to check for mis-tagged or posted listings, odds are that the thief just grabbed the easiest thing he could and doesn't actually know much about the hobby (but don't rule that out) The second thing you can do is regularly check craigslist for ads in the area, be suspicious of army's for sale with no pictures, ask if they could provide some (be very careful though if you choose to meet the lister, this person could be armed or unstable or both) The other thing you can do is keep your eyes peeled at events and tournaments. Often stolen army's will be sold under the table in much the same manner that stolen art is sold or fenced.

On a closing note I would like to say we are sorry for your loss Jim and that we will be on the lookout for any signs of the Reapers.

I would also like to add a note for all of us. I know its easy to leave a bag or case in the car or on a table at the shop. If your keeping your army carrier in your car try to obscure it, or put it in the trunk if you have one. With vans and hatchbacks its harder but sometimes just a wire bike tether locked and looped through a door handle can deter a smash and grab. Thieves target easy to grab items like bags and electronics, so if you make it harder to walk off with the better chances you have of not loosing the item.
BH Senior Editor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eldar Craftworld Ulthwe 23000 points worth

Here it is, the big show. D has been slaving away for the past six months on what is possibly one of the most impressive Eldar craftworld collections I have ever seen. Now I know there are probably a few people out there that say "mines bigger" D has extended an open challenge to anyone who wishes to throw down (with a cash prize to be determined) But in the mean time we hope you get some enjoyment out of this post. They may not be that outdated but Eldar don't get as much love as they used to in past so we love to see new eldar players come in and enjoy the collection which rotates out every week in the front cases, anyways I am dragging this out, enjoy some detail shots after the jump.

The scary thing is that the collection is still expanding with each passing month. Below are some pics of D's work in progress projects.


Scott (Posting for D)
BH Senior Editor

Friday, October 15, 2010

Something something this way comith

That's right, after the weeks of dead space this Sunday we are going to unveil something big, something mind bending huge. Also we are going to be back on for regular weekly posting. So if your the slightest bit curious (we know you are) check the blog this coming Sunday afternoon. Here's a hint, its something in direct response to a recent wargames gallery post.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Game Nights and Good deeds

First off I would like to direct you over to Dave Taylors site. As many of you already know two of his close friends are going through some rough times and he has selflessly started up a charity/auction, offering up a wonderfully crafted Adeptus Custodes army. Time and time again Dave has shown the community his incredible work and shared his tricks of the trade with us, so if you can, give a little to help out a lot.

Next up I would again like to tip my hat to another blog. This one goes out to Mike and John over at SC Warhammer, congratulations on your awesome game night (sadly I could not attend) That being said I would also like to report that BH's own game nights over at Legends comics and games in Cupertino have been becoming increasingly popular. This weekend wraps up the first leg of the on going 'Battle for Het' campaign. With over eight or so players whittled down to the top three its been a long fight for the top spot. If you want to get in on the action come by Fridays and Saturdays from 12-6pm every weekend.

In related news, our host Legends Comics and games took home the title of "Best in the Bay best comic book store" in the San Jose Metros best of the bay. And while the award is for best comic book store we know that a fair few of the votes also mentioned the game side, so from Legends to Bay Area readers and customers thank you.


BH Senior Editor