Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

A few days ago Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames had his Soul reaper chaos army stolen from his van while out to lunch. While there can be little done in this situation we as a community do have a massive tool at our disposal, collective awareness, those who follow Jims blog and no doubt most of the 40k/fantasy blog community is now aware that this army is out there. What can you do, well first off check Ebay regularly, also make sure to check for mis-tagged or posted listings, odds are that the thief just grabbed the easiest thing he could and doesn't actually know much about the hobby (but don't rule that out) The second thing you can do is regularly check craigslist for ads in the area, be suspicious of army's for sale with no pictures, ask if they could provide some (be very careful though if you choose to meet the lister, this person could be armed or unstable or both) The other thing you can do is keep your eyes peeled at events and tournaments. Often stolen army's will be sold under the table in much the same manner that stolen art is sold or fenced.

On a closing note I would like to say we are sorry for your loss Jim and that we will be on the lookout for any signs of the Reapers.

I would also like to add a note for all of us. I know its easy to leave a bag or case in the car or on a table at the shop. If your keeping your army carrier in your car try to obscure it, or put it in the trunk if you have one. With vans and hatchbacks its harder but sometimes just a wire bike tether locked and looped through a door handle can deter a smash and grab. Thieves target easy to grab items like bags and electronics, so if you make it harder to walk off with the better chances you have of not loosing the item.
BH Senior Editor

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