Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project: Relictors

Its been awhile since I got one of my project posts up. I started out with the idea of doing up a whole battle company, unfortunately work, painting commissions and life kept me from getting anything substantial done with these. Ian helped me out by doing the basing so all in all they came out looking ok, I spent about a month getting the force built up and painted, I will probably use them as a secondary tournament list after I add another squad and a few more vehicles. Whats not pictured is the squad of sniper scouts and an assault squad I have yet to base.

I like how the terminators turned out, this was the first time I used a new technique for energy weapons, they are actualy a little less vivid in real life, I had edit a tad the color saturation (its hard to make a bounce flash out of a box covered in tinfoil and a single slave flash.


BH Senior Editor.

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