Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Tyranids OH MY!

Hello there, Ian back from I don't remember when I made a post last, I haven't really been making any posts lately because I've been busy with school, working on my Tyranids, Ill be getting a photo of that mainly the Tervigons, and some awesome bikers, they are slowly coming along, ill get a photo of that as well up at some point. But my next biggest project is making a Tyrannofex, that's going to be fun.

In spirit of Halloween, I am holding a mini campaign on both Friday and Saturday, competitors, are allowed one HQ unit up to 200 points, and no retinues are allowed. The opposing force and game parameters will be revealed that day. There will be multiple games and some prize support, sign ups will be mandatory before each game and 3 players per round, all rules will be explained at the store. There is also boards for free play while waiting or if you would like to just get in some pick up games. Other than that Happy wargaming and see you tomorrow if you make it!

Just a quick reminder that this event will be held at Legends Comics and Games in Cupertino. There is no entry fee and all GW products are 10% off, and you can still get 15% off all new Dark Eldar sets by advance ordering until November 1st

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