Monday, March 31, 2014

Slow day + Sentinels

The wet weather has kept me from getting any priming done on the sentinels, but I did manage to get one done (following about an hours worth of deep scrubbing) At this point I have been rotating my mass of sentinels in and out of the simple green bucket to keep the assembly line moving.

As promised, here's more glamor shots of those awesome technicals in action. I love the mix of rust and rot mixes, it adds just the right amount of crud to a model on the metal bits, I love the weathered look this combo creates.


BH Senior Head Baker

It turns out the remote for my DVR was not broken but simply;y needed new batteries, not sure how this relates to 40k, other then it reduces the amount of transit time between working on models, and changing the channel, but for everyone out there who's still in my situation. Don't give up hope, there's a good chance salvation is waiting crammed at the bottom of a freezer drawer.

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