Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hobby Progress

Thursday night saw the culmination of a two week grind at the painting table, and I can say that Guard army number four is in the bag. To be clear, I took this project over a year ago when D was trying out some new combo's with guard in 6th, and he had a lot of sentinels that I wanted for my all sentinel list (more about that later) so I agreed to do some work for trade. Leaving out most of the details, a few things happened in the intervening period that kept me from completing the project in its original time frame (new job, buying a house, moving to said house) With the new codex coming out, and the threat of being crushed under a wave of guilt every time I went into the garage I finally managed to buckle down and crank out a decent sized Zone Mortalis force. You can see the fruits of my labor below.

223rd Infantry Regiment "The Inheritors"

The Grunts

 Command Squad

They call him 'La Sombra'

I wanted to give the army a very 'used' look, the whole theme I had in my head while I was painting these guys was "what do the regiments made up of all the leftovers look like?" While I don't think I fully captured the concept, I did manage to incorporate some fun little elements to various models that help them stand out from some of the rank and file.
Up next are vehicles, which I hope to start on this weekend, so expect updates on that front in the near future.
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