Sunday, March 30, 2014

GW Technicals

I shot out a quick blast on the Facebook group about this stuff, but I really cant state how much I love GW's new'ish technical line of paints and washes. Most of these are geared towards insta grunge.

I Love grunge

Having access to instant grunge effect is perfect for me, I can safely say I am now addicted, I did up a quick objective piece/demo when I was over at Legends today for their escalation league night, so dirty and corroded, the cracked earth stuff is also brilliant if not a little fragile.

I cant wait to play around with these a more in the coming weeks, 'D' still has a ton of tanks for me to paint up, so expect a lot more "distressed" metal in the coming weeks. Oh one more thing before I punch out. Nothing big, just cranked out two more chimeras for D's IG and yes I am aware of the two bolters (don't look at me I am just a painter) it came to me in that odd  configuration.
Special shout out to Chuck who just got back from Mecca (England)
BH Senior Coat Fluffer

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