Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girls done, lookie what i have, a little bit of a look at battle missions

Hey its Ian, I finished my banshees! all of them have the blue glowing power weapons (if you cant make them out. if you cant i dont blame you. i need a new camera) So this squad is done, i have some fire dragons im working on, some dire avengers (their bodies are assembled without their arms and guns), a wave serpent and a few other pieces that are coming in a few weeks. The next thing i wanted to talk about is the upcoming battle missions book.

So the new battle missions book, when i looked at it i thought the missions would be the generic defend, attack, raids, etc. But what Ive seen is each mission is race specific. Thats about all i can say without ruining it for you, the rest i will have to let you find out what it will be.

And in other news.....look what i got:
An old school Armorcast Tempest grav tank. I am looking forward to painting this up and showing you the progress of this eldar beast.

Also, by friday being the latest i will post another planet preview, and some possible new things that are going on with us.

I hope you got your fill from us, and i will see you on friday.

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