Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Possible New 2k Point List

Hey guys. I was on my way home today and i had the most awesome idea: to make a ridiculous 2000 point list! The way i made it somewhat follows what i field normally, my mechanized list, to a mainly assault marine force! here it is:


Dante-200 pts
Lemartes- 125 pts
Honor guard squad: Sanguinary high priest, Tech adept, Chapter champion, Chapter banner, 2 power weapons(one on the high priest and on another vet), 1 plasma pistol,
Jump packs - 315 pts

Assault squad 1: 5 men, power fist - 165 pts
Assault squad 2: 5 men, power fist - 165 pts
Assault squad 3: 5 men, power weapon - 155 pts
Assault squad 4: 5 men, power weapon - 155 pts


Death company: jump packs, 5 guys - 25 pts
Veteran assault squad 1: 2 power weapons, 1 power fist, 2 melta guns - 225 pts
Veteran assault squad 2: 3 power weapons, 2 melta guns - 215 pts

Heavy support

Whirlwind 1: bare points - 85 pts
Whirlwind 2: bare points - 85 pts
Whirlwind 3: bare points - 85 pts

Seeing the look on my opponents face when fielding the army - Priceless

Anyways thats the list i made up leave me a comment bellow telling me what you think about it!

-Happy gaming

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

40k Battle Standings In Our First Tourny!

Hey guys, its Ian putting up where the campaign is at! First off we have Battlemaster Zack in first with 2 victory points, Me with 1.5 victory points, Tomblord Sean with 1 victory point, and Sisters of battle Michael with none so far. Thats the standings! Its been 3 weeks and we have had many viscous battles, both wins and losses. In addition of having be halfway through the campaign, we will get to switch up 500 points in our armies. I am deffinately switching some things around and i cant wait to use them on the field! But i wish luck to all the other players in switching up their list!

-Till next time,
Happy gaming