Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Can I paint in 24 hours?

A question I never thought to ask myself un till yesterday morning when I started out on this mind numbing adventure. This all started last week when I heard that there was going to be a large Apoc game over at Legends. Well needless to say work and classes have been keeping my hobby time minimal (4-5 hours a week If I am lucky) So I set off to do several weeks worth of painting in the short span of one day (and then some, I kinda passed out after my third 5 hour energy after having made the mistake of sitting down on my awesomely comfortable microfiber couch to watch Cheech and Chong's next movie for a small break.) That being said let me just spill some wickedly touched up pictures down there for you good people to click on (24 hour paint bender with 3 hours of sleep has left me with no subtlety) enjoy.

This big guy took up a majority of my time, though most of the prep work and base coating was done the day before. I am quite pleased with how the fire turned out on this guy.

Again now subtlety here, everything in frame I painted in the course of the day (for the life of me I cant f

And last and quite literally least, ladies and gentlemen give it up for the B team, shakin it on the side lines because I simply just could not go any further (my thumbs now hurt when I try and open my paints)

And now the sad part of our story, I arrived at the shop only to find D and Dan where the only ones who showed up, what followed was a quite enjoyable but sevearly cut back game which topped out at 20k points, rather then the 200k I was expecting, rather than bi!#$ch and moan I quietly (and not so quietly) took out my rage on Dan's poor Imp guard, which where mercifully tabled down to the man (I even took out some scenery, that rock had it coming) So needless to say it was a fun game and I tip my hat to Dan who once again took a beating with a smile on his lips and a snappy comment for every tank D and I blasted into void space. My hat however does not tip to brother Ian who not only was unable to show for the game but apparently had done nothing to actually organize it. You sir will feel the full fury of my sass cannon once I have eaten and slumbered.


BH Senior Zombie