Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Return of the Outcast

With a title like that you would think it more of a definite thing than a passing note that I am still active, and what activitys have I been up to lately? Well for starters theres been my renewed passion for the painting table (which I had to excivate from all of the box's from the move) I also refined my lightboxing techniques which you will see some samples of later in this post. Over all I would say that things are going well for my unhearlanded return to the tabletop, my guard are getting retro fitted with some new basing and a much needed face lift, my hobby station has been purged of excess prues, and my bead sorting box's are now bursting with bitz.

My renewed contact with D set this all in motion a few weeks ago, and I am pleased to announce Bay Hammer's return to the blogosphear (if thats even still a thing) I have also noticed that quite a few developments have happend during my sebatical, namely the emergange of a new and very active crew of gamers over at Frontline Gaming has picked up the torch, and from what I have been reading, doing a great job of repping the west coast wargamers on BoLs, way to go reecius (sorry if I missed a few letters) Over all though I would say that my own homegrown community (which I left in the hands of brother Ian) is doing better than I could have imagined over at Legends (check out the Legends 40k gaming group on Facebook) and I am quite proud to see what was once a group of about three people explode into a dedicated group of locals and new bloods all enjoying the regular games at the shop.

I wont blab on (posting from the office) so without further ado, here are some shots of my various painting projects, IN STUNNING 5D!!!

Gideon Lorr

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