Friday, August 14, 2009

The Contest!

Hey all yet again I find myself in the hell that is day to day life but there is good news, after this weekend we will have chosen a winner for the Bay Hammer Radio Chaos Tyranids contest. So for your viewing pleasure here are the current entries, all have been done supurbly and I cant thank the contestants who made them enough for taking to the theme so well and putting out some amazing and creative stuff that I just love to see from the kit Bashing community. So without further hesitation.

John Dickerman
Will DowneyQue Ze

So there they all are, it taken ages for me to pick between them and when it comes down to it I would like you the loyal readers to help in my final choice, so please comment away with your thoughts and choices for there can be only one, though they would all look supurb on any battlefield. Also in a last minute feeling of guilt I have decided to offer a small consolation to the two entries not picked, I will personaly write out stats and fluff for the two not picked.

Good Luck

BH Senior Editor.


  1. IM BACK and the contest went well i presume :D

  2. All the entries look cool but ima have to go with entry one.