Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back online

From the depths of the logistics hell that has been the last month and a half we are back, that includes my co host/editor Ian who recently got back from man camp, Alright enough of that, A winner has been chosen and this weekend when I have time to write a more compiled entry the winner will be announced and we will let you know which prize this champion of chaos has chosen. So stay tuned and I may yet be able to pull this wreak from the boggy swap that life.


BH Senior Editor.

WCC totally has a huge stock of Space hulk, 20 units in all but only 10 of them will be moving at the 25% off price so hurry on over to there page to snap those up while supplys last, and trust me with prices like those they wont. (Update, I just called them and they havent posted the new stock of hulk so keep checking back)

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