Friday, September 18, 2009

NEWS: You can put away your gauss rifles

Recently sources have indicated that its going to be tyranids that get the next codex update, now while I cannot say 100% the markers for an update are in place. You simply have to look around your FLGS or ask at a GW store for a Codex or battleforce, that's right as of this month GW has pulled both Codex:Tyranids and the nid battleforce from there retail catalog. This came as some what of a surprise when I glanced over there latest retail SKU book and found both items suspiciously missing but if GWs past release practices are any indicator you can bet that they will be going over nids next.

How do I feel about this. Well as a Guard/SM player and veteran Eldar Seer I am not overly pleased that neither my space elves or there pigment challenged brethren did not get the update bracket but speaking bluntly the nids deserve it, now not to say they got blind sided like DE or the Necrons but this is a popularity contest and lets be honest a lot more people have been picking up nids lately so GW goes where the money is. So in short its wonder full that one of the older books/races is getting an update and while its not on of my personal taste at least GW is actually doing it.

What's wrong with space hulk?
I have been meaning to get this short rant off my chest since I got a crack at the set so here it goes. GW botched the marketing of Space Hulk, now don't get me wrong good on them for bringing it back but this space hulk has absolutely no soul. It was concocted in the labs of GWs marketing dept to make all our wallets a little lighter. Instead of putting forth a game with in the genera of 40k to entice new and interested/younger players they have brought forth a limited release monster packed with detailed models that even I am having trouble getting in every detail to make them presentable (though not to say you couldn't play unpainted but come on) it is how ever still the great game it always has been made greater by better molding techniques and new rules but I have to say that a hulking price tag along with a overwhelming set of detailed models is to far beyond the reach of the casual board gamer. I think if anything GW owes us at least a secondary release this Christmas. Speaking of the holidays if you have the remote chance of getting a copy of SH before they haul out the tinsel do so because retail sources are indicating available copies could rise in price to over $199.00 based on demand, and GW has already sold out online. WCC might still have a few so get a copy while you can or hey buy two and resell and twice the value and go pick up that forge world model you have always wanted.


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  1. Id be very suprised if GW did not re release it sometime next year.