Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wolf Pack has arived

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West Coast Comics and collectibles now has all the Space Wolves plastic kits and the codex now listed for pre sale at there usual 25% off. I am told they have already burned through there first pre order batch of 15 units so get your order in today.

Bitz and bobs:
Ok so after the space hulk rant I suppose I should put on the brakes for awhile (even if I have barely been getting a post in) but The new IG bitz on the new release page grabbed my attention, both in a good and bad manner. I love the gun crew and the tank commander, how ever the poor excuse for heads they are offering just blew me away with the absolute lack of wow factor, a few of them look ok but as they appear to be attempting to offer some sort of variety in the selection you get they fall damn short in my book. Now don't get me wrong I love GW has finally cracked the seal on kitbashing for the IG but come on, for the money I can still honestly say I would rather stick with my pig iron heads, they don't have the variety but you get more and they are about the same price. I am sure this will raise much disagreement among some of the GW loyalists but I was just not happy with the offering. The fact that they are also pumping out more metal minis is also disparaging as a lot of us are still hoping for the great plastic change over.

All in all there are some interesting bitz there but nothing really special, as I said the gun crew was a great little set and if your looking to kit out your Russ with the Pask like character the tank commanders set seems a solid bet. But as for the other offerings such as the Aquilas and tank baggage it just fails to perk my interest or indeed serve a purpose other then make a feeble attempt to reconcile us for the loss of the bitz service.


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If your looking for a chaos defiler at a damn good price buy this F#$! thing so I can win my bet and continue to support BH, I swear its cursed.

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