Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEWS:Nids Codex

Not sure how to stretch this out but it just came down the line (as well as the GW website) that the new Codex Tyranids will be released this January, so brace yourselves for the next wave of nid mania induced lists. On that note now would be a good time to start speculating on what your anti nid lists are going to be. As for an exact date in January I have no idea but bank on it being a tuesday.

Our Sponsor WCC is offering something off the radar this week (or atleast thats what I am told) they are selling pre orders of the new and supposedly un announced Space wolves battleforce. While I hope that dropped a few jaws I havent been in to check on GW througly so please flog me if this is already known, if not then you heard it here first, cause thats what I am here for to do things that all the big names miss (gotta have a niche)

So start drafting up your bug crushing massive last stand anti nid lists now gentlemen, the hive fleet approches.


BH Senior Editor

I have been getting on Ian about starting his editorial section so expect more words soon.

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