Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Space Wolves: Update Battleforce

Hey there Ian reporting a little leak i came across! like above this is about the happy space wolves! They will be getting their own battleforce! yay! i know what you must be thinking right now...What do you get in the said battleforce????!!!! Well what i came across is it comes with 2 squads of scouts, a squad of space wolves pack, and a drop pod...OH before i forget! Yet another codex will be coming out after the upcoming Tyranid dex. dun dun duuuun! anyways the new one dex that will be coming out is for the Blood angels! After hearing this i was pretty happy. They havent really got their own codex and yet they did...i just hope they bring in more abilities to use with assault marines! cause that is the blood angel way. Also for the dark eldar fans i heard a possibility about them getting a new codex as well. i dont know when that will happen but ill look into it and let you all know about the news when i come across it.

-till next time, happy gaming

1 comment:

  1. actually that is the other way around

    20 wolf guys

    5 scout guys

    drop pod

    I will miss my rhino though...haha