Sunday, October 18, 2009

Legands Gets Solar Power

Well not the kind that actually dose anything, but this weekend Bay Hammer in conjunction with Legends Comics in Cupertino officially opened the roster for the Macharian crusade (as provided by BoLs) The mood was casual as we all started going over the layout of the campaign and army costs where decided.

In a more hi lariating turn of events Co editor Ian was apparently torn apart by self proclaimed newbie Waagh leader Zach, though I was not able to witness this spectacular (though he claims narrow) victory I was assured that Ian's blood angels where on the receiving end of a good krimp'en so congrats to Zach.

Alright this last bit is important so read carefully if you want to enter the campaign cause slots are limited and we do have prize support.

There is no entry fee:
That's right since this will be Bay Hammer and Legends first major GW sponsored event we are giving you the first taste free.

Sessions will be held every Saturday until the end of the campaign:
possibly extended if theres a tie in the scores.

The minimum points required are 1500 and no less:
you can make any combination you want to achieve this just make sure it is all outlined in your list.

Army lists required:
please submit your lists to me through the Bay Hammer gmail at
these have to be submitted to me by this weekend after that we cant take any more entries cause the campaign will be kicking off this Saturday.

Have fun:
in all seriousness we are not running a major tourny here, we are hanging out and playing through the campaign and if you happen to make top dog you get some swag, armies don't have to be painted but it is preferred.

Now enjoy some pics from Saturdays meet up:

everyone having a totaly not staged moment

The Ass kicking in progress

Happy gaming


Chief BH Editor

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