Saturday, September 12, 2009

Contest Winner

Lets have a hand for Jhon Dickerman for his winning entry into the conest, after several showings to both readers and friends and constant split decisions his entry of a Blood letter/Warrior was deemed the best choice out of the three fantastic entrys. Here is his entry again in more vivid detail for you. We all felt that his entry exemplified the theme the most and so congrats again. And as promised he has his pick of any GW product valued up to $30 through our sponsor West Coast Comics and Collectibles who have been supporting us almost since day one and will continue to offer our readers the same low pricing on all GW products (except space hulk so read the P.S.) I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry (two of which are CA bay area locals) you both made wonderfull and unique pieces that I hope will grace one of your games in future. Hopefully we will be running more contests like this in future and be able to offer more prize support for the runners up (once we get them Ill hook everyone up with BH radio T's) again thanks for reading and sticking with us while we sorted out all the fun life stuff, and remember Bay Hammer was started for all us west coast gammers who have always seemed to be over looked when it comes to the 40k world, so thank you all for supporting us.



BH Senior Editor


Alright so in my last post I told you all WCC got in a large stock of space hulk at the discounted price, well thats half what happend, WCC is not a major operation in a warehouse or part of a large distrubution network, so when they sold off the first 10 in the course of $48 at the discount price they couldent break even on the sales. But they do have them in stock and there are about 10 left and going fast. So help support your local game Suppliers and shop WCC all of there regular GW items are still competivly priced at 25% off which is still the best deal out there so far.

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