Monday, December 28, 2009

New listz/Saturday update

Hey guys i came up with my final 1500 pt eldar list! and i thought i would share the fun of the list with you all!

But before that, this Saturday for sure we are going to discuss the campaign and what we need to do to make it better than it was the last time around. In order to do that we need to come up with ideas before hand, so start coming up with ideas. We also have our usual Saturday thing: freeplay yay! Anyways here is the list:


Eldrad Ulthran - 3 powers a turn and can use 2 of the same powers. totally worth it - 210 pts

The Avatar of Khaine - must i elaborate on this choice? - 155 pts


5 Rangers - every eldar army needs these guys - pathfinders +25 pts - 120 pts

3 jetbikes - taking the objectives - 66 pts


3 WaveSerpents - because traveling there could not be faster - shurikin cannons 10 pts each - 300 pts for whole lot

10 Howing banshees - i shouldnt need to elaborate on these beasts - exarch +12, exicutioner +10, war shout +5 - 187 for all of them

8 Fire dragons - because i love melta guns - exarch +12, firepike +8 pts, tank hunters +15 - 163 pts

8 Striking scorpions - more close combatness >:D - exarch +12, biting blade +5 pts - 145 pts

Fast attack

5 Warp spiders - because they are fun - exarch +12, powerblades +10, second death spinner for exarch +5, withdraw +15 - 152 pts

that is the list i am under by 2 points but that doesnt REALLY matter. Other than that thats what i am going to be working on. as well as trying to finish painting my blood angels. Still need to get more paints to do that :/

-Happy gaming- Ian

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Surfing the internetz/update

Hey guys i was looking up some space marine color schemes and Eldar craftworlds and i came across an Angry marine command squad. When i saw this photo i couldnt help but laugh and kind of want to make an angry marine army. when you see the photo you might just want to do the same.

Also im starting up an eldar army (going ulthwe because i wanna use eldrad) ill get the 1500 point list posted as soon as i write it up which i cant wait to see the full list in action. Updates: the first campaign we did is over. The post before this one has the final listings. Next saturday is just going to be free play and im thinking of doing a collective overview of the campaign and how we need to do changes to it as well as have more people intrested in it. So that is all i have at the moment

...Look at the angry marines...laugh...make an angry marine know you want to...

Anyways happy gaming - Ian

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ending resultness

Okay i couldn't find the cable to my camera. So no photos for the time being, ill definitely post the photos when i do find that pesky cable. Anyways here: so Zack came out of the tourny in 1st place. Then with a surprising turn of events (which i think was awesome gotta give him props for this) Michael who was in last place kicked our asses in the apocalypse game and came out with second! So michael grats!!!! :D Next, Necron lord sean came in with third and me with last. So overall it was a good tournament, had lots of fun, and had started to come up with ideas for our next tournament/campaign. anyways thats the standings and im off to find that damn pesky cable...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The ending fight for our first campaign

Ok for our last fight its going to be 3k points and an all out fight. FREE FOR ALL!!!! yays. ill get photos and maybe video of the game an post when i get back. or find my cable for my camera...either way this will be a good day

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Models???

Hey guys i know its been a while since ive posted things and i was looking through the gw site and came across some SICK new models coming out. Legion of the damned models. Oh they look beastly. I will probably pick up the guy with the multi-melta and convert him to be a devistator or something! but i just saw these and pretty much was like "i gotta look into buying it eventually" Anyways heres the link:

Happy gaming - Ian