Monday, September 20, 2010

The battle for Het begins...

This weekend all manner of war and destruction was let loose when Legends Games in Cupertino CA kicked off the first round of games in its new "Battle for Het" campaign tournament. It was a full house with standing room only as players from all over the Bay Area duked it out to claim first blood in bout one of the CTF tournament. We saw a lot of SM/IG lists but I spied a few Xenos in the mix as well. While this may not be the biggest game on the block it certainly marks a turning point in our development, as the series is a co opted by BH's own brother Ian.

So if your looking to work on your small game (lists limited to0 750pts and there's no entry fee) or just have fun, feel free to drop in on Friday or Saturday morning and sign up. Drop ins are always welcome (its a cumulative point system) and we are always looking to help new or returning players get back into the hobby. Both myself and Ian will be on hand to answer questions or offer help with getting set up if need be. If you have any questions or want to sign up for a game in advance email us at



BH Senior Editor


I mentioned last week that we have been very busy with other projects, well this is one of them. Look out for more BH/Legends events and gatherings in the near future.

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