Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GW Store closing: The resolution.

Alright so awhile back I brought you a shocking tail of poor management and dramatic exits. Now I bring you the actual series of events that led to the firing of the entire sales team and the store closing.

From what I have managed to piece together the story goes somthing like this. The manager at the oakridge store had for some time been embezeling money in the form of petty cash and merchendise (yea stealing space marines to line his pockets) and the final total of his devious gains ammounted to some where around $15,000. So loss prevention flanked by the spooks from corporate (actually flew in from England) came in and presumably took the store manager in the back room and bolter whipped him tell he confessed and then went about firing the whole sales team as corporate tradition dictates in this situation.

Well there you have it, not as dramatic as a mass walk out but still shocking non the less. The moral of the story, dont line your pockets with misfortune and lies, or dont friggin bite the hand the feeds you.


BH Senior Editor

I know we have not been posting much but there is a few reasons for that, but shhh, secret projects are being worked on for the new Bay Hammer for 2011 (as you can see by the constant changing of the site) but its more then that, much more...matching t-shirts more.


  1. Firing the whole sales team?
    Who were guilty of what?
    If they did that within Britain they would have been hammered in the resulting Tribunal.

  2. @John L
    as far as I know that is standard corporate policy, since they cant tell who was aware/in on the whole deal they just sack the lot of them and hire and or replace the whole team.


  3. In the US the contract for jobs like that usually have a clause that employment can be ended at any time for any reason by either the employer or employee.