Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On The Painting Table: Chaos Termie Lord

Its been a month of firsts for me painting wise, it started with Tau and has now extended to Chaos. I have had a lot of 'fun' working on different combinations finding out which ones work best for getting that off the box look. I lucked out in a sense, with my client asking for Black Legion I can't say that this was a rough introduction in to chaos paint schemes, but it was interesting working out the right blend of golds and wash.

I loved the cape on this guy, on top of a bunch of bitz I will undoubtably be incorporating in another build in the near future this kit comes with a ton of nifty bitz and bobs. But the reason I like the cape is its folds take well to blending and washing.

And thats about it, as you may have noticed I have been playing around with my light box again, still working on getting that dialed in so bear with me in the mean time.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Love the muted colors and overall dirty look to the model.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thank you kindly, I love to grundge up models when I get the chance.