Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: 2010 a year of progress

The magic hour draws nearer and the guys all wanted to get one last post in before the ball drops. Rather then run through everything we are just going to to a quick recap of everything that made 2010 a great year for 40k and Fantasy. First off the updates, not just Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and not to mention the slew of new kits to go with them. In 2010 we saw two dead armies be reborn (BA and DE) and got a ton of new all plastic kits to go with them. Its been a year of progress, with new codices and new kits the community had its fill of new material and new possibility's. There where also the new modules for Battle Missions and Spearhead. And then of course there was the sensational release of Fantasy 8th edition and the waves of new skaven (including the awesome island of blood set)

But not all was good. we saw price increases and scandal (well at least in the Oakridge store) With no official word on weather 2011 will see another price increase or not a lot of gamers are growing weary of the constant price fluctuations, who knows what the new year may hold for us.

For the most part how ever the community has never been stronger. With fresh faces and new talent being brought into the fold and new blogs and webcasts starting up all over 2010 has been one of the best years for growth in terms of the net community.

But the web community is not the only place we have seen growth. Our own gaming group over at Legends Games has exploded, from a couple of us meeting on the weekends and wailing on each other has grown to well over thirty people with a core of about ten regulars. We also started our increasingly popular play for paint tournament series over at the shop. With regular events and games we have seen our small group of gamers grow into a small community.

As for the store we have gone from this
To this...

We also saw the holidays go off with a bang, with Legends first annual "Seasons Beatings" tournament. Seven of the stores top generals and Seer's battled it out for the top spot.

This year also saw my transformation from a relatively casual hobbies into a "professional Painter" I went from the occasional unit to having a full workload with waiting list. D has yet to let me live down the shame of turning into the one thing I love to hate on the inter webs (mostly eBay) Which brings me to the post I should have made a few days ago, but thanks to a blizzard and several shipping delays I couldn't do so until tonight.

Yes tonight I finally got a light box, nothing fancy, but the best part is its compact and stows away easily. So expect more (hopefully decent) photos of future projects. Also I just had to break this thing in (and considering how bad my last botched light tent attempts)

Well that's about it, so tonight raise a glass to the emperor or the ruinous powers and drink deep, but have a toast for all of us to, from the guys down in the trenches to the Fly Lords of Terra. From all of us at Bay Hammer have a happy new years.


BH Senior Editor


  1. Glad to hear things are taking off at Legends, I imagine D&J Dropping the entire GW line didn't hurt, hope Legends was able to pick up some of the abandoned players.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Yea, it was a sad day when I heard they dropped their GW inventory (I started gaming there when I was a kid) mostly we have the GW store dissadents and some GK defectors.