Saturday, December 4, 2010

GW Glue: The sillines continues

So the other day the shop received its weekly order and while rummaging around the latest shipment of plastic crack I happened to notice something a bit odd. GW appears to have changed the plastic glue bottle to the old super glue bottle, why they did this is beyond me as the previous bottle already had problems with clogging so anything with a narrower tip just screams wasted minutes spent with a tac nail trying to de gunk the damn thing. The reason I bring this up is because Jawaballs posted a rather decent blurt about GW glues, I myself use them mostly because I just seem to acquire them while working on projects or commissions but I have to say that I do not care for them or the price. I have not tried the new bottle out but one might assume that the new bottle and narrow aperture may mean they thinned down the mix to be less like 4 day old hair gel. What do you think about the numerous design changes GW has gone through with there hobby supplies this year?


BH Senior Editor


  1. Really, I don't know how all of you guys can run these Warhammer sites and not be clued into the fact that GW hobby products are a huge ripoff. I've been in this hobby for <2 years and I figured it out 20 months ago.

    If you're using GW glue/primer/hobby knifes/pallette/water cup/etc you really deserve to be ripped off for being so monumentally lazy to not even look at what normal glues/primers/etc cost when you go to your local walmart/hobby lobby/etc.

  2. I use loctite glue and quick color primer, and you have to remember, even if it sucks fanboys will buy it just because it has GW on the label. If you are looking for brand name modeling supplies I would recommend testors, other then that vallejo and reaper make some awesome paints.


  3. For me, I buy the GW stuff at my local GW store because that's where I play and hang out and paint. They provide free paints, so I can experiment and try new things without buying more paints all the time. They run tournaments every couple weeks with nice prizes and giveaways. They keep the lights on and give me tables to play on. In the last year or so, things have been so tight there that only the manager is still employed, and the store has to close two days a week so he can have a weekend.

    I buy GW to support my local store. I like it being there, so I pay the mild overprice on glue and paint and tools. It's more than worth it.

  4. Meh, I have this glue currently. I hate it with a passion.

    Allow me to explain... Picture this: my terrifying and totally awesome Death Company is marching down the board in a razorback. As I pick it up to move up, the bottom falls off. "Ok," I think, "it's probably my fault for putting it together poorly, it didn't seem to fit well." I slap some glue on, and push it down the table. It gets toasted next turn, so I pile out my DC. A turn later, I pick up a unit to remove him from play, and *poof*. Off comes his base. At this point, I'm kinda embarrassed, and I apologize to my opponent. But things kept getting worse. Arms, bases, and a head continued to fall off whenever I touched my models.

    After asking the store owner about the glue, he told me it was "crap" and he would never, ever use it on his army. Granted, I was using the "super thin" GW glue rather than the glue pictured at the top of this article. But that's still $6.60 I spent on a bottle of total junk.