Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Black Parade.

First off, no not referring to that particular song by that group of goth pop icon wannabes. No I am referring to GW's armies on parade, which with some (and I cant stress the word some enough) thought on the matter I decided that I should do something up. That something as it turns out is Blood Angels. More accurately Death Company, my idea is to do a last stand scene with orks and Death Company and a Stormraven or two. A lot of the inspiration for this project came from Ron over at FTW and his articles on painting black armor, well that and I could never miss and opportunity to mess with Ian's head (who's recently done some wonderful work with his army)

That being said I hope to have the ball rolling on the terrain base sometime this week, with progress pics shortly after that. Things have been kinda hectic around the shop so Ill try to get back into regular posting, if you don't want to miss any of my hard hitting pules pounding articles check out my weekly column over at warhammer 39,999, its mostly hobby related articles but I plan to do some introspective pieces and stratagy articles as well.



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