Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff Day: Vampire Psyker

In keeping with the spirit of things I decided to rummage around the old bitz box. Now off the cuff you might think that this handsome fellow is Mephiston, well according to the 1995 GW catalogue you would be wrong (he is clearly a psi vampire) that being said its interesting to see where current pieces got there start, some of Citadel's models from the 80s are just down right silly, while others are just plain beautiful. This particular piece will be finding new life in my latest space marine flavor of the month project so keep an eye out for this guy down the line.
Also just to stay in line with the old post format I present my short lived experimental Imperial 66 rule set.

Happy old Stuff day


BH Senior Editor.
If you want to know more about Old Stuff day you can visit your local library, and when you realise that there was no point to going there use one of the public terminals to check out Rob over at Warhammer 39,9999


  1. Karloth Valois, what a great fig. Definitely one I would want to add to my collection if I could.

  2. @Tristan
    I actualy picked him up off a friend awile back, I think that any moderate hobbiest should try to keep at least a small collection of restored vintage pieces, its like having a little bit of history (and saves them from getting chucked in the bin)

  3. LOL @ The local library reference.

    Tristan hit the nail on the head with the model's name. I knew it was Karloth... but forgot the other bit. Isn't he a Necromunda special character?