Thursday, June 25, 2009

And now for something Different

-Imperial 66-

-rules of the game-

These rules are meant not only to frustrate you possibly to the point of violent behavior but to force creativity in game dynamics and strategy, you may find that with shackled with these rules in play you will see more ways to play the game and from many more angles while at the same time testing your knowledge and skill of the game. This is not for new players, this is a headache waiting to happen and if its not tell us what we can do to change that.

1: Game cannot exceed 1200 points

2:Artillery must have Line of sight

3:There can be no HQ choices

4:Allies are not allowed

5:Units must be at minimum base painted

6:Heroic and Legendary units are not allowed

7:All Terrain is difficult Terrain

8:Missiles will only roll to scatter 1d6

9:Game Cannot exceed 2 hours

10:Deep striking and infiltrate are not allowed

These rules have been inspired by the short lived film school known as the Dogma 95, a cinematic manifesto written by Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. It was essentially a set of extremely limiting restrictions on film making and in a similar spirit we have drafted up some similar rules to essentially making it as hard as possible to play a basic game.

I was sitting around flipping through my DVDs and I randomly pulled out a copy of the 5 obstructions a classic dogma 95 film which illustrates all the key points of the original manifesto. So I thought to myself "how can I adapt this to 40k" the truth is to do so I would have to expand to more then 10 rules and at best this will be annoying so please let me know how you think you could help adapt these to make a simple game of 40k absolute mental hell. I will point out I am not being cruel I am being creative and I hope this will inspire some of you to take on another view of the game.



BH Senior Editor

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