Friday, June 19, 2009

New Imperial Armor

Image Property of Games Workshop 2009

Finally GW has put up the new Demolisher and Hellhound kits up for advance order. Both kits will be retailing for about $50 (or $38 if you go through WCC) all in all though I am not upset about the price, both kits have multiple variants for the turret and they are all plastic, no more eavy metal bitz weighing down your collection. The sets should hit stores August 1st so keep an eye out at your FLGS for the new sets.

Your Local Game Store:
Legends Comics and games is as usual having there Saturday Game night from 12 to 8pm down in the octagon in front of sears so if you want to come hang with the Bay Hammer crew or just play some 40k head on over.

This Saturday Game Kastle will be participating in Free RPG day and giving out among other things the new Fantasy Flight Games Rouge Trader RPG booklet, so stop by if you can, supplies will run out fast. On a side note, free RPG day and Free comic book day are not actually free, the stores that participate in these events have to pay for those books and comics, so pick up something while your there, doesn't have to be big some paint maybe or a new brush, every bit helps support your local hobby community. For a full list of the stores participating check here.

On the Work Bench:
Well its been a busy week getting the show up and dealing with finals on top of getting the orks painted up but I some how managed to get ten of the little buggers painted up and I have 4 tac marines waiting to be detailed so needless to say its going to be a long night.

Corrections for BH Radio:
-Land Speeder Storm has deep strike not infiltrate
-no announced release date for space wolves (I keep hearing September though)
-Legends is offering %15 off on the black reach sets only now that they have the new buyer card system
-Man hit by train did not actually explode, he was dragged underneath for about 100ft
-Legends will be open july 4 but game night is postponed (so if you want to get your planet strike stuff you can stop by)

Well that about wraps everything up for today, hope last nights show wasn't to unbearable and to some degree informative but hey I am just glad we got it moving.


BH Senior Editor

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