Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bay Hammer Radio! (next week)

Update:That's right folks no more procrastinating, I have secured the equipment and the stream and if we are lucky I will have our first show up and being broadcast by next Thursday. If you would like to keep tabs on whats going on check out our Ustream page here. I would like to thank all of you for being patient while I have gone through the long and costly progress of setting this all up and I hope to be able to provide my listeners and local gamers with some degree of professional relevant news and views (that's what I said what actually happens might be more casual) so tune in next Thursday for the first actual Bay Hammer radio show, remember "Bay Hammer Radio, home of the Chaos Tyranids"

On the work bench:
one last dose of BH goodness before I sign off here, the blood angels Land Raider and six or so of the orks (now named Mels mob) are nearing completion, and oh whats that, another dreadnought? Yes thats right I have started yet again on the space marines of which I now have a total of 1000pts worth so Ill keep you posted there. I just want to say that I apologise if the guard postings are in frequent, I am flipping through getting 3 different armies done this week so things are hectic.

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  1. Next Thursday (the 26th) or this upcoming Thursday (the 19th)? I ask just for simple clarification.

  2. Very Kool, I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Thanks, Ill have a set time up soon.