Friday, June 5, 2009

Fresh Sushi and Adv Orders

News Local/National:
Big news today as GW officially placed some new models on there advance order page, including the new space marine orient building that we mentioned a while ago "the shrine of the aquila" as well as the Land Speed storm and Ironclad dreadnought. There are also some massive imperial terrain sets listed now (the strong point, outpost and defense network) all these models are $300-500 but come with the GW terrain boards. On a more minor note June is seeing its share of new releases but they are all in fantasy.

Rumor Mill:
-New Demolisher to be released with multiple conversions
-price recension possibly for the holiday seasons
-Space marine new releases to follow planet strike may be released on the 6th of July
-Planetary empires marked for release in September or December at $60

Your Local Game Store:
Fresh Sushi arrives at Legends in cupertino, that's right I just got a view of the inventory sheet covering the new shipment list for the store and they have received a number of Tau models, including stealth and crisis suit sets and a Devilfish among other things, while not over thrilled with tau I know there are a fair amount of people taking an interest so if you are expanding your army stop by they are more then willing to get in custom orders and will usually offer a discount on multiple item sales. Alright so just to be fair (since non of the other stores are in contact with me yet) check out Game Kastle if you are in the area, last I was there they had completely re stocked there armor cast inventory with almost every other piece that company produces, I love going into game kastle to look for possible conversions since they carry some of the more exquisite stuff so if you are looking to go custom head over and give them a browse.

On The Work Bench:
Well things have freed up a little with the re org but things are still cramped while I wait on the display case, but for the time being the Baneblade and the second Valkyrie are top of the pile for the current workload, as you can see the body is coming together but the interior and cockpit are still being worked on (or mostly still on the sprue cause I for some reason thought building and painting a Baneblade overnight was a good idea) but things are coming along nicely with the guard now that I have put my space marines on hold again, The steel legion commissar is mostly painted and I think it came out pretty decent for using only base colors. My next models the second chimera which is currently being assembled by (has yet to post anything) Ian, who I thank because though I am rather technically minded GW has managed to table my brain in 3 turns every time I start on a new model lately. Here is a good tip which I am now following, when starting a new army don't outpace yourself, you will only burn out and have a back log of projects in the end, now some of you (you know who you are by the dirty looks you ll get) who don't play with a painted army this is not so much aimed at you, but if your like me and just cant bear the though of coming to game night with a mishmash of models then it would be a good idea to pace for a bit.

I am to please I have about 15% of my infantry done(and if your wondering thats an orphaned eldar I found abandoned at the bottom of the terrain box).


BH Senior Editor


  1. Oh your Workbench you do have alot of cool "Big" things going for your impirial guard but wheres all the Troops to back them up? I would like to see more infantry in the works soon.

  2. as A follow up to that comment I am getting most of my armor out of the way first.

    I have 40 guard, 10 kasrkin, and 3 heavy weapon squads and my command squad to back them up and I am expanding that force weekly.