Monday, June 22, 2009

Episode 1: Remastered

Thats right I spent the last 2 hours converting the whole show over to new audio and going through and removing all the suck and awkward moments and what we have left is something that resembles what the originally planned show should have sounded like. So now if you have been holding off telling your friends about the show because the raw audio on ustream was a bit to long winded you can now link them to the gcast page (our webcast audio host) and be assured they they will in fact speak to you again the next day. But in all seriousness we have been seeing a lot more attention and there have been requests to set up an RSS feed for the show. You can now subscribe by clicking the link under the embedded player on this page.

I am not overly thrilled with that echo still in the beginning and the volume is still a little high so ill be updating that recording tomorrow night.

On The Work Bench:
Yet again I have another Blood Angels Commission, this time its a Land Speeder Tornado, optimized for anti infantry (cause that's what Ian usually goes for) I have to say for such a small project, I mean I got most of this done in just a few hours, its been a fun build and paint project. After this I cant wait to pick up the new land speeder storm to add to my Dark angels so keep an eye out for that project coming up in the next few weeks.

Happy Listening

BH Senior Editor

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