Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Red

On The Workbench:
Tonight I have a commission for a friend on the table, his new Land Raider Crusader, and of course he plays blood angels so the paint scheme for this one was a no brainer how ever this is not my first clash with this model. Prior to getting it back in the shop I had gotten it in from WCC and had bee setting up to paint it two weeks ago, then my airbrush decided to go psycho and give it what can only be described as one hell of a texture coat of enamel. Now though its shaping up and I think with the time limit I have (keep in mind I have other projects on the bench) I should be able to send him away to camp (yea hes working at a camp and bringing his 40k set) with a rather decent model or I hope to anyways, only time and paint will tell.

Your Local Game Store:
Legends comics and games will again be having there weekly game night tomorrow from 12-8pm, and of course I will be there running the 40k side of things as always. So if you can come on by, if you need anything special ordered or are just plain tired of playing in the back room of your LGS then come by and see our massive gaming area. And Legends is now taking pre orders for planet strike and get this, 20% off up front when you order, so if you are not going through WCC or you just prefer that human interaction come on by, the pricing there cant be beat. As always I will continue to keep you posted on game nights as well as post on future campaigns and contests.


BH Senior Editor

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