Thursday, June 18, 2009

Episode 1: The Train Wreck

Well we got it done, things didn't not go as planned for our two intrepid adventures, only one mic worked and we lost the key points sheet, and of course Ian saw a man hit by a Train on the way over to the office. Its haphazard at the start but things smooth out a little while in, we where getting a lot of odd feed back in places but damn it we got the show done.. If you are looking for a more casual 40k webcast have a listen, we tried to just keep it on a conversational level.

Quick Addition:
I mean no disrespect towards Space wolf players, that was simply my soapbox to ramble on about GW single release practice, If you have any ideas for future shows or are in the area and would like to come on send us an Email at the BH gmail. (if 40k Radio is like the NPR of the community then we are the howard stern show)

We loosely covered:

Planet Strike
Space Marines Artillery
Space wolves
GW move to plastic
new Terrain
casual topics

So if you missed it we have the recorded show up now on the Bay Hammer Ustream page. So listen in to get details on the BH contest before I start to coincidentally lose this episode in a pothole off the highway. As always questions and comments welcome.

Happy Listening

BH Senior Editor
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  1. That wasn't too bad, and what was bad is nothing that won't improve over time.

    I'd try to tone down the bashing of GW too much, otherwise GW might come knocking.

    Now on the upcoming Space Wolf codex hype. Why shouldn't there be hype for a new codex, as Space Wolf players have not had an update in 9 years.

    As a 20 year veteran Wolf player I am very stoked about the new codex. I long for the days when I don't have to suffer though carrying the Smurf codex around to play my Wolves.

    BTW, your Dress wearing Dark Angles got an update in 07. ;)

    I'm looking forward to your next show.


  2. haha all valid and I love the feedback, Like I did say I think the hype should be with the vetran players, anything else is just marketing, I just think that GW has been over hyping alot of things recently, other then that thanks for tuneing in and bearing with us through that happhazard episode. As for GW, They make some amazing products , but its never made sense to buy all GW merchendise when theres clearly a cheaper alternative. I would like to state more power to all space wolves players and the DA thing was more example then anything. (those damn dress wearing Dark Angels are getting in the way of my guard trust me i am ticked to)

  3. I don't see any real GW hype for the SW yet. I hate the way GW protects the release schedule lake a national secret. Grrr...

    I haven't bought anything from GW at full retail since 2003. Neal at the is my plastic crack provider. I also agree nobody should ever buy hobby supplies from GW.

    Oh, before I forget the brand name for green stuff is Kneadite and more can be gotten for less than GW's pricing.


  4. is there any chance of setting up an rss feed for the podcast so it can be subscribed to? (ie: for those that don't use iTunes)

  5. Ill try but that will have to be next episode cause for some reason I cant export the damn files off of ustream (aka next time ill be recording locally as well)


  6. Thanks very much Scott, look forward to it