Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Razors Edge

Alright its down to the wire and things (and co-hosts) are not going so smoothly, but tomorrow Thursday June 18th Bay Hammer radio goes live at 6:30 pm GMT. Will I be stuck soloing or will Ian pull through and manage to make it to the studio, tune in tomorrow to find out. I plan on going over planet strike, new releases, and whats this the first Bay hammer contest announcement, but here's the deal on that, I will be announcing the contest on the blog when we join BoLs, but if you listen to the show you will get the full details about 2 weeks ahead of everyone else so you can start early. So tune in and see if we can pull this off, I sure hope so and if not we will be recording all live shows so you can go back and listen at your convince.

In other news.

On the work Bench:
Its been a rush getting everything done on top of it being finals week for me, but despite all that I have managed to get in a fair bit of painting. The house orks for Legends are almost done and I manged to get two Terminators and the Dreadnought done last night so things have been active to say the leaset. Sadly though my IG are still on the side while I get my commisions situated but expect more on that front soon (aka after I get this mess sorted)

A Word From our Sponsors:
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-Farseer and warlocks
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-Guardian squad
-Space marine scouts (both sniper and classic)
-Land Raider crusader/redeemer
-SM Command Squad
-IG Basilisk

So head on over and look around, if you have been looking for that one Eldar set for awhile but have been looking for a better price now is the time and they always have more innovatory on the way. Don't hesitate to ask about advance or custom orders, they are more then happy to take large or specific orders of any kind.

Happy Painting

BH Senior Editor