Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Send in the troops!/Contest Announcement

Ok boys and girls Bay Hammer along with WCC Comics and Collectibles are going to be having a contest soon celebrating BH joining the BoLs blogroll in the next few weeks. Alright here's the kicker you have to be a follower to enter and the prize will be announced along with details in our celebration post. So why do I bring this up now, well because I want you to send in ideas what the contest should be, keep in mind it must be 40k related and not something that only a few people could possibly win (basically for the masses) So lets hear those ideas while we count down to our entry post.

Ideas I have:
(mostly paint work)
*Super heavy showdown
*Singles (just the model, basing and aesthetics don't count)
*Best scene
*Best back story/custom army
*best new army (aka something you just started on)

So email your ideas or comment here, I will have the top three put to a poll.

On The Work bench:
Alright after distracting myself with heavy armor I am now back on track with my infantry. I have about 5 IG base painted and another 5 waiting to be primed and I am working on getting my Black Reach marines ready for the weekend over at Legends, I wish I had more interesting news but I decided to cut back on the news section as most people seem to be more interested in projects. Right now I am looking to finish my IG by July in time for planet strike, I have been chipping away at getting the Valkyrie done and I have my advance order in over at WCC for the imperial Bastion and Aegis defense line (can you believe that even with shipping that package combined will be under $40 with there discount) So things have been getting busy. As you might have noticed I squeezed my "Steel Legion Commissar" in at the last minute.

Also a quick update, Planetary Empires will retail for 49.99 not $60.00
that I had originally posted, sorry for the mix up.


BH Senior Editor

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