Monday, June 8, 2009

News Deals and Pics for Monday

News Local/National:
As mentioned Games Workshop has added a few more low key items to there advance orders page, this includes a new brush set and two new brushes (the wash brush and striping brush) not so sensational news wise but these items are just the first of several new hobby tool sets slated to be released in the US and Canada over the next few months. In other news rumors circulating about Games Workshops financial status as some sources indicate that the company may be experiencing a major revenue problem and thus may be to current source of the recent price hikes, our contact as expected could not comment, but the gist of the conversation was that the company may be headed for supply issues down the line. With the recent price jump and pulling all of there single blisters from the retail outlets it may be assumed that GW is attempting to direct more funds directly rather then through independent outlets. As always this information is open to speculation and comments and any further information is always welcomed.

Your Local Game Store:
Well this weekend I was again down in the octagon over at Legends in Cupertino, and yet again it wasn't a massive crush but there was gaming and fun to be had especially since the stores Terrain builder Bryce seemed to have shown up with what appeared to be 2500 points of orks and about that in Imperial fists and armor (which again I thank him for letting me use in my game) The opening fight was intense, It was a 1000 pts of orks vs Roughly that many pts worth of Chaos noise marines, at first the chaos player had managed to pick off a fair few but in the end he succomed to the sheer mass of the green tide.

But that wasn't the only action going on that afternoon, Bryce was nice enough to let me test drive his new imperial fists, now granted my game didn't get past turn 2 but what can I say I am still relearning 5th edition (since I stopped at 3rd edition and learned rogue trader before that) my compliments to my opponent Mikal who played an awesome 2 turns with me.

A Word from our Sponsors:
West Coast Comics and Collectibles has announced that they will be taking advance orders on all planet strike sets and books, Just send in your request through there ebay store, be specific in your order, remember bulk orders receive discounts on shipping on top of the regular decreased price so if you are looking to get your planet strike list set up head on over to WCC, for all your discount warhammer 40k needs.

On The Work Bench:
Ok last up I did make it over to Ikea and I picked up my new glass display case (and more recently found out its the preferred model of GW) its currently sitting next to the bench making what little I have done look more dramatic and professional then usual.


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