Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting On the Sprue Pt2

Or why IG players no longer have an excuse for an unpainted army. Alright so first off I will again state I am no golden daemon winner but I am not using the $1.50 bargain bin paint either and I like to think I know my way around a painting tile, in other words if you have an hour a day you can do this. Yes you heard that right I got about a Infantry squads worth of torso's and attachments painted in one hour, now you can see in the picture that obviously there can be more done there, but if you are a no frills kinda guy like myself you will go for the middle ground between volume and quality, now lets compound this with the fact that there are products like Army Painter quick dip its time to sit back and think about just what the average painter can do, I wont kid you I have been lagging behind on my guard do to other matters taking priority, so I just sat down tonight and timed my self and gauged the results, in the end I was not displeased, the brilliance of guard is that there beauty (I use that word lightly) is when they are en mass, the guard don't have elaborate hero's (compared to some of the details I had to do on SM) its a straight forward force painting wise. Now again I wont say this is how you do it from now on, no this is what works for me and I got results but what I will say is if you have a set still on the sprue bust it out and see what you can get done on the basic level, and remember you can go back later and detail any figure later, this tactic is just offered as a way to get your army on the table and you playing the game either with your new army or for the first time. So experiment a bit, and hey if you just want to try it WCC Collectibles is selling the basic cadian pack for $16.00 or close to, seriously you cant beat that price (obvious plug is obvious but hey they have been nothing but proper with me when I have dealt with them) Well that's about it, again good luck and happy painting to all.


BH Senior Editor


  1. I never have been able to paint on the sprue. Either way you are right anyone can spend an hour a night working on their minis. I try to spend at least an hour painting most days although my gamers ADD hinders me finishing any of my projects in a speedy manor. :P

  2. Right now the insommnia has me so I am trying some new stuff, thanks for the comment =) but yea its just a matter of telling yourself to sit down for an hour every day and just paint and not care then when that hours up put it back on the table and get back to life, if you have more then an hour hey that works to.