Saturday, May 30, 2009

Game Night

Whew, its been a long day and there was at least some moderate action at the 40k section over at Legends today, Alright to be honest there where two of us but for the first game I have played in 5 years it was attention grabbing and intense, what started as a simple beer and pretzels game turned into an all out brawl of power fists and bolters, by turn six between the 1000 point forces there was only about 2 units not locked in assault. Since my armies are still very much in progress we had to split Bay Hammer brother Loop's 2000 point blood angels, I had the Predator and he had two assault Dreds, though in the end technically neither of us won cause we just abandoned the control point in favor of the close quarters battle, he did manage to knock out a few more of my marines when the Dust settled. Alright that's about it for now but expect Loop to get his After action report up along with the pictures either tomorrow or Monday.

On a last note I would like to officially welcome WCC Comics and Collectibles as our first true sponsor who has graciously offered Local Bay Hammer members the direct buy 25% discount on GW products. If you are not a local you can go to there ebay store, it is always stocked and you pay the bare minimum for shipping on top of already slashed pricing, and with the June price changes approaching they they have purchased a bulk stock of select items including a few black reach sets and Space marine packs that will be sold at a discount from the original pre June 1st price.

Also if you are in the bay area start coming to the BH game nights over at Legends in Cupertino (where you can also get 10% off in store if you become a regular) there are also board game demos and paint and supplies in store and the staff is more then friendly, they also boast some of the largest playing spaces in the bay area able to accommodate up to 8 warhammer tables on top of there 4 table AD&D section (even if two where linked) so if you can, come on by next Saturday 12-8pm.


BH Senior Editor


  1. I may have to make the trek down one Saturday and throw down!


  2. Feel free the more the meryer, its open style casual play for now, so we are doing mostly 8x4 table battles so bring what ever size army you want.