Saturday, May 2, 2009

I assume command!

Alright I am writing this beforehand having just gotten away from the table, these are my thoughts having now worked on the new command sprue, this is not a guide so much as it is perspective. Out of the box I was immediately assaulted by a manner of what I can only describe as helmet fire, its a solid mesh of bitz almost and you just want to think of all the combos you can make or what is the best setup for your squad, after leafing around the new codex and checking the new guides on the GW website I started to piece together what I was going to use in the squad and what was going to be used as bitz, the first thing I added to my bitz section was the sniper conversion, I already have a sniper squad that needs boosting so that was a given, then I was down to selecting specialists, off the bat I decided to take a heavy weapons and the medic though i am going to try to do something to make the medic look less like hes reading a scroll, I also decided to make my commander armored rather then the tunic with the flashy medals you see on the box. Alright So ill stop at that because the rest will go on into every minute thought I was going through. In the end I selected the pieces that would not only give me a balanced squad but leave enough room for change ups at the last minute and plenty of left overs, but honestly if you have the cash I recommend getting two command boxes, one to actually use the other pure bitz and relay you do get your moneys worh with the new command set I would say much more then the old eavy metal box set.

Ill keep you all posted with progress as I go along but at this point it would be a good time to point out that if you haven't already done so, stock up on paints, there is just so much detail that you just want to rely add that distinctive flair(note this tips more for those just getting into things)


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